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75g of Doughlicious Cookie Dough
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Nutella & Kinder Bueno - Cheeky Dough

Nutella & Kinder Bueno 75g

NUTELLA & KINDER BUENO What could be better than Nutella or Kinder Bueno?  How about Nutella AND Kinder Bueno! Scrumptious chocolate Nutella cookie dough blended with Kinder Bueno pieces.  The...
Birthday Cake - Cheeky Dough

Birthday Cake 75g

BIRTHDAY CAKE Our signature vanilla cookie dough with Belgian white chocolate chips and funky sprinkles. Are you sure it's your birthday again? Full nutritional information can be found here
Caramel Fudge Sundae - Cheeky Dough

Caramel Fudge Sundae 75g

CARAMEL FUDGE SUNDAE Our signature cookie dough, with a caramel sauce and a generous helping of fudge pieces. Mmmm delicious! Full nutritional information can be found here
Cookies N' Cream - Cheeky Dough

Cookies N' Cream 75g

COOKIES N' CREAM Love Oreo? We do to.  Which is why we created our new vegan cookie dough with loads of Oreo “Cookies & Cream” chunks.  Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly...
Raspberry & White Chocolate - Cheeky Dough

Raspberry & White Chocolate 75g

RASPBERRY & WHITE CHOCOLATE That classic combination of raspberry and white Chocolate, in our delicious signature vanilla cookie dough.  Made with real raspberry pieces. Will one pot be enough? Vegan...
S'more - Cheeky Dough

S'more 75g

S'MORE  Marshmallow infused vanilla cookie dough with Belgian chocolate chips Full nutritional information can be found here
Red Velvet - Cheeky Dough

Red Velvet 75g

RED VELVET Delicious rich, extra creamy chocolate and cream cheese dough with lashings of white chocolate chips! Please sir, can I have some more? Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Full nutritional information can...
Chocolate Honeycomb - Cheeky Dough

Chocolate Honeycomb 75g

CHOCOLATE HONEYCOMB Extra creamy chocolate cookie dough, check. Delicious honeycomb pieces? check.  I've eaten it all and need to order some more? Check! Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Full nutritional information...
Chocolate Chip - Cheeky Dough

Chocolate Chip 75g

CHOCOLATE CHIP  When only the classic choc chip will do! Our signature vanilla cookie dough with finest Belgian milk chocolate chips. Oh, go on then! Full nutritional information can be...
Millionaire's Shortbread 75g

Millionaire's Shortbread 75g

MILLIONAIRE'S SHORTBREAD Milk Chocolate chips, a creamy caramel dough and all topped off with chunks of delicious fudge? Mmmm yes please! Full nutritional information can be found here
Strawberry Cheesecake - Cheeky Dough

Strawberry Cheesecake 75g

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE What's the best flavoured cheesecake? Strawberry of course! And how to elevate this classic? Combine it with the best edible cookie dough! Made with real strawberry pieces! Vegan...
Chocolate Birthday Cake - Cheeky Dough

Chocolate Birthday Cake 75g

CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE How to improve upon our classic birthday cake cookie dough?  How about making it an extra creamy chocolate cookie dough? And then to top it off make...