About Us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you


To provide the tastiest, creamiest, best edible cookie dough, using only the finest ingredients in a sustainable way.


We are both dedicated to creating the tastiest, creamiest cookie dough on the market. Our unique and delicious flavour combinations come from a blend of the finest ingredients and toppings in our cookie dough. We don't just say we use the finest ingredients like some of our competitors, we DO use the finest ingredients. So when we add a chocolate chip, it's the finest Belgian chocolate chip. when we say it's strawberry flavour, it contains real strawberries. So go on, treat yourself and Taste the Cheeky Difference.


We hand make every order, using a combination of the finest ingredients, blended to perfection with a little bit of love and a dash of greatest hits radio!


During the winter, Ben & Merrick were experimenting with adding cookie dough bits to their ice cream. After months of experimenting, they stumbled upon a delicious recipe for raw cookie dough that could be eaten without being baked. This edible cookie dough tasted so good, they couldn’t stop eating it.​ So if you love edible cookie dough (and let's face it, who doesn't'?) then go shopping and see why we are the best.  And don't forget to join our Cheeky Club where you'll get exclusive access to the best offers, new flavours and so much more!